Flying Pengy

Meet the penguin that loves extreme skydiving!

Pengy always wanted to fly like a bird. But everyone knows penguins don't fly. One day he came up with an idea: what if I made a parachute jump? When Pengy took a parachute and jumped, he was attacked by crows, bees, and bats!

Keep Pengy safe by moving him left and right, and avoid dropped eggs, boxes, and angry monsters. Collect colorful balloons, earn achievements, and get bonuses while skydiving.

Flying Pengy combines the best features of Arkanoid, Breakout, and other best brick-busters! This is a mixture of arcade and puzzle where you need to slide along the bottom of the screen to keep the ball in play, and smash all the blocks on your way!



  • skydive through the first episode with 50 fantastic levels!
  • each level can be replayed many times with higher difficulty
  • a mix of action-packed gameplay with a puzzle
  • tap and hold to launch the ball with extra power
  • fight monsters with different extra balls
  • characters customization with wearable items and costumes
Pengy Costumes